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API Connector - Unable to upload images to LinkedIn

@NigelG has helped me a lot on this one.

So basically, when I want to share a post, it works if it just involves text. But for an image share (text with images) we need to follow the method at Share on LinkedIn - LinkedIn | Microsoft Docs

Procedure is

  1. Register your image to be uploaded.
  2. Upload your image to LinkedIn.
  3. Create the image share.

I’ve been facing this issue for a really long time now and sincerely hope someone can help me out.

I’ve got the necessary products for the newly created app on the LinkedIn Developers dashboard.

I get the return value of asset and upload URL from step 1. But I don’t know how to execute step 2 - The upload your image involves a cURL that isn’t possible on Bubble. So I tried converting it to a REST on Bubble itself.

API Connector for LinkedIn on

Now after executing this (as per screenshot above), I check the status of the Asset and am getting CLIENT_ERROR there. I’ve searched everywhere and tried changing the Content-Type as well to multipart/form-data, image/png and application/json but it doesn’t seem to work.

It’ll be great if someone can help me out with this.

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@prashantabbi.is19 ere you able to solve this issue

@technoswift No luck yet :frowning: