Linkedin API Connector Post

Hello, I am so close yet so far. I am trying to create linkedin posts directly from bubble. I’ve successfully set up the sign/up api following several videos, but I am stuck when it comes to creating a post.

I’ve been following this video:

I am stuck in the final step of initializing my api.

First error: Status code 422
{“message”:“ERROR :: /author :: "urn:li:person: I21ULlQ0Ig" does not match urn:li:company:\d+|urn:li:member:\d+\n”,“status”:422}
I tried initializing with my own real linkedin ID and I get the error above.

When I remove this and follow the video exactly with the JSON body she uses, I get another error:
{“serviceErrorCode”:100,“message”:“Unpermitted fields present in REQUEST_BODY: Data Processing Exception while processing fields [/content, /comment]”,“status”:403}

Any help would be so appreciated.

Did you mange to find solution ?

It’s been some time since that question was posted but can serve other users since I just came across the same thing yesterday. You should check the new Linkedin documentation here: Posts API - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn

The JSON format changed as well the link to API call.

Make sure to include the following headers:
Authorization: Bearer {accessToken}
Linkedin-Version: format AAAAMM
X-Restli-Protocol-Version: 2.0.0
Content-Type: application/json

I ended up just using a Social Media Plugin which let me share to linkedin. It’s a cheap work around but If someone could offer a tutorial on how to create these detailed posts from the app, it would be super helpful

Hi, could you please let me know which Social Media Plugin I should use? I am trying to design an app to let use login via OAuth and then can post on my Bubble site. Thank you!