Idea: dynamically change 'Use As' in the API Connector

It would be amazing if we could dynamically change the “Use As” dropdown to either “Action” or “Data” in the API Connector.

Or simply allow RGs to recognize the data type of an Action API Call, just like it recognizes those from a Data API Call.

It would eliminate the extremely time-consuming set up to configure a RG with a text data type, which is also not a 100% error-proof method.

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PS: this is not in regards to refreshing a Data API Call

They already do

When working with APIs, if you believe there is a chance you will need to use it for an action and displaying the values, set the API call as an action in the API connector. Then when you use the API in a workflow action, the second step would be to display the results of the previous step (previous step being API call).

When I first got started I made the mistake of having two of the same API calls, one for data and one for action, which made it extremely confusing to find which of the two calls the repeating group data type needed to be. Now, I basically just always set to use as Action and if I want to display the values use the display data workflow action.

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Ha - you’re right! I must have been tripping. Thank you!!

@boston85719 it turns out I was mistaken because I was setting up a plugin. When testing the plugin in a demo app, the data types do not appear in a repeating group. Do you happen to know a workaround for this? Or is this simply impossible with a plugin at this moment?

In the meantime your insight is still relevant to my use case, I unfortunately won’t be able to share it quickly with others. :confused:


I am not sure about building a plugin, but for the API Connector it is functional.

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