Is it possible to convert pdf url to image?


Does anyone know of an simple-to-set-up api, or plugin that will convert bubble pdf file url to image? I’ve been unsuccessful in finding one myself.

I’d like to send a pdf url and receive back image.


Hmm…I guess it isn’t. I withdraw my apparently stupid question.


Haven’t tried it yet, but looks like it may work .

Your question isn’t stupid… it’s pertinent, valid and interesting. It’s just that this isn’t simple to setup as far as I know (:

Of course if there’s an easier way than what’s standard out there I’d love to know too!


You’ll probably need to find an external service (i.e. outside of bubble) that you can API your PDF and receive an image in return.

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The convert API can do a lot. It worth a try. I use it often for different thing like that.

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I know this is an old topic but for others who might bump into this page and still wondering, I would like to share my plugin

this is completely works on browser (no additional api needed).
This is made using PDF.js library and if there is any chance that PDF is not properly converted to iamge, it is library’s fault.


This looks interesting. Is the converted image dimensions the same as the pdf?

it depends on your computer screensize since the logic to convert image at frontend is done as follows.

  1. create canvas element viewport height and width (as in html element ref)
  2. display pdf page in the canvas element by pdf.js library
  3. convert canvas to png

Therefore, image size is depend on your screen size.
If there is a better way, I would love to hear some advise to improve this plugin feature.

Are there any screenshots of how to set up this? Not all of us spend much time with those tools. :smiley: @sunup