API Connector with OAuth2 for Pipedrive

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a Bubble application and I’m trying to set up an integration with Pipedrive using OAuth2 authentication. My goal is to allow my users to connect to their Pipedrive account directly from my Bubble application.

Here are the steps I’ve taken so far:

I’ve registered my application in the Pipedrive development center and obtained the necessary keys (client_id and client_secret).
I’ve configured OAuth2 User-Agent Flow authentication in Bubble’s Connector API.
I’m facing a challenge with the User profile endpoint field. According to the Pipedrive documentation, I need to retrieve the user-specific domain (e.g. companydomain.pipedrive.com) in order to make custom API calls.
However, I’m not sure how to go about dynamically retrieving and using this user domain in the API Connector.

Here are the specific questions I need advice on:

How can I configure the User profile endpoint to be dynamic and use the user domain returned by Pipedrive after authentication?
Are there any specific steps or configurations in the API Connector that I need to set up to properly manage the API domain?
If anyone has already integrated Pipedrive with Bubble using OAuth2 and can share any insights or configuration examples, that would be extremely helpful.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!