I try to send dynamic Api parameter, bubble shortens the text string for some reason

I am trying to run a get call and have everything set up, but when I send the api get call I get a 404 message and the request_id should be offer_request_id and the Fv3ld… should start with ‘orq_Fv3ld…’ I cannot tell why bubble is doing this

When I create a text box with the exact same dynamic structure that the parameter of the get call has, the parameter value has the ‘orq_’ at the beginning…

Bubble seems to be arbitrarily cutting down the parameter value for no reason

Below is the dynamic value of the parameter

and below I have a picture of the search_id’s URQ fields that have the ‘orq_’ at the beginning of the values.

If anyone knows why this is happening and how I can fix it pls help.

Can you send screenshots of the window that pops up when you click “Search for Search_ids” for both the textbox and the api call.

Also, I’m confused. offer_request_d should be the orq_0000AL… or it should be orq_Fv3l…?

Have you run this api request in postman or insomnia to make sure the api is working as expected with the expected parameters?

This is for the api call through the workflow

This is for the api call through design page text

This is from postman showing that the call works

This is from preview page showing that the offer_request_id is orq_0000Al…
(which is correct in postman as well)

(ignore the orq at the beginning I was trying to add it manually)

Thx for the help really appreciate it!!

Have you done a step by step in debug mode?

Also, sometimes the above doens’t always work given that some actions run asynchronously and others run synchronously so what the debugger shows you isn’t always what is actually getting sent. That is why I like to set up at least one, usually two alert actions (each referring to a different alert positioned at two separate positions on the screen so they don’t overlap. Copy the expression “search for search_ids…” into both alerts and place both alerts at different points in the workflow. It could be at some other point that the offer_request_id value is getting changed/truncated/etc.

Ok sweet thanks I will try it and lyk

The issue was that I had put the repeating group data type as the api call as shown below

When I did the api call outside of the repeating group it worked fine.
I just need to figure out how to put it in a repeating group. If I am trying to model the expedia search function and show available flights what would you recommend I use?

Thanks again!