Api endpoint challenge response for twitter

Twitter requires webhooks to return a ‘challenge response’ on occasion.

Is this even possible with bubble api endpoints?

" A CRC will be sent when you register your webhook URL, so implementing your CRC response code is a fundamental first step. Once your webhook is established, Twitter will trigger a CRC roughly every 24 hours from the last time we received a successful response. Your app can also trigger a CRC when needed by making a PUT request with your webhook id . Triggering a CRC is useful as you develop your webhook application, after deploying new code and restarting your service.

The crc_token should be expected to change for each incoming CRC request and should be used as the message in the calculation, where your Consumer Secret is the key.

In the event that the response is not posted within 3 seconds or becomes invalid, events will cease to be sent to the registered webhook."

I’m trying to do the same thing. I haven’t cracked it but will share what I know in the hope it helps you and others.

As far as I can tell, this needs a backend workflow api, but these can only triggered by a post request and as you know, the CRC is a GET request.

There are various workarounds using other platforms such as amazon api gateway, pipedream and integromat to transform. There is a fairly detailed pipedream setup here

I’m (slowly) trying to get my head around integromat for this purpose and if I figure it out, I’ll update. Good luck (and pls share if you’ve solved this in the mean time).

Ok figured it out. Twitter webhooks are rather tricky. I used integromat with a webhook and a webhook response to do the CRC and then the integromat- bubble module to update things based on webhook events. Postman was used to create the webhook and to subscribe to account activity. Happy to give more detail if anyone needs it!

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