API for UK Phone number verification


I am trying to build one of the two features for an app in the UK.

a. Verify phone number against address. A user submits a phone number and a home address and the service checks them against their database.

b. Verify phone number via SMS. A user submits their phone number, the service sends an SMS with a code and the user types in the code to verify.

Has anyone solved this for the UK? Which service could I use for this?

B) is possible using Twilio or Plivo.

A is likely to be a non starter.

Hi there,

For this, you can generate a random code from Bubble, and use Twilio to send a text with the code.

So here are the steps I suggest:

  • Add two data fields to the User data type: 1) uniqueCode 2) expirationDate
  • Build an input for the user to add phone number
  • When the User clicks send code, generate a unique code on bubbles end, and update the code on the User data type. Also, add the expiration date (something like current date/time + X seconds.
  • Send the User a text with the code through Twilio plugin
  • Have the User enter in the code, and then check it against the data fields you added

Hope that helps, let me know if this is unclear. We have a full tutorial on this at nocodify.com.

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Thank you! And thanks to all other swift and helpful answers, this is a great forum.

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