Setting Up User Verifications by Mobile SMS Code Etc

Hi All,

We have a Bubble App working for our iOS / Android App. Need to add user security checks.

Any tips on the easiest ways (and services) to integrate:

  1. Require input of verification code, sent by SMS (twilio perhaps), which is then re-entered into App Screen, to help validate the user.

  2. Keen to do design changes to the custom Bubble verify account email, which just has the confirm account link. We have a Sendgrid setup, but apparently can’t change this Bubble generated email.

  3. Any good tools to add an ID / photo capture of a Drivers License / Government ID, or would we just use the normal photo capture stuff in Bubble for this.

Cheers! M

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Hi Michael,

I’ve just implemented this on my app and it works pretty well!

  1. Twilio works well indeed, though I had to create an API vs using the Twilio Bubble plugin because the plugin wasn’t passing the ‘+’ to Twilio, which it needs to have. This might just have been a quirk for me or because I’m using a South African number. Create a data type called ‘Verification’, with a field for mobile number (set it as type = text) and a random code (also type=text). I then created an input for the mobile number (format as text). The user then clicks ‘Send code’ and the API workflow starts, where it sends through the user’s number and the code, which is a RandomString (Use Calculate Formula in the box to get there) to Twilio, and creates a new Verification, with the Mobile Number and RandomString as values. Twilio then sends the code through to the User, who then enters the code into another input and clicks ‘Verify’ - if the code entered matches the code in the Verification, the user is authenticated.

  2. You can change the Bubble verify email’s text in the ‘Languages’ part of Settings. But then you do just get the link at the very bottom of the mail, which isn’t great, and for my native app I don’t have pages, just one page with lots of groups, so the ‘Send User to Confirmation page’ isn’t great. You could follow the same logic as above, instead of sending a random code to the mobile number, you can send it to an email address the user enters. The user retrieves this code and enters it into an input to validate. So just create an Email, enter the text you want and then a randomly generated string.

  3. I do like the ease of using Bubble’s Picture Uploader and I think there are plugins that help with camera capture, so I would just use the Pic Uploader or even File Uploader as it can handle scanned files (PDFs) and images.

Best of luck with it!


Awesome, thanks for the step tips and great solution - sounds straight forward enough :wink:

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