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API GET request takes too much time

I have the following page where I GET data from a sports API. However, this page takes a lot of time to load since there is a high quantity of data to fetch (300+ players, and many data points).

Is there a way that I can create a table in the backend with the same datapoints, such that the datapoints do not need to be calculated each time the user enters the screen? I.e. we have the table in the backend which is updated e.g. every 30 mins, and the User directly accesses the updated results rather than the results being calculated in the front end. Or any other solution that might speed up the results?


Does it allow pagination?

yes, it does, I tried to work with it, but it still lags considerable amount of time
EDIT: I added pagination but it still lags @primedevs (see request teams)

@primedevs here is the API documentation explaining pagination. I applied that logic here, but the loading time did not change.

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Must you request all possible data or can you limit with dates. It would make sense to be able to load your data up until this very moment (for example) with data and save to the dB. Then you could make a call again later to update only what’s been added since you last checked (based on time)

@jared.gibb thanks for the reply.

hmm I am not really sure I understand you well here. I think I need all players data for the current season (the API is actually limited in time).
The second part of your reply is what I was trying to explain in my post. Basically, save the data in a table or something alike in the db and then update this table every hour or so. So, the data are not calculated everytime the user enters the page, but rather accessed immediately from the db. Is this possible in bubble?

sorry if I might be a bit naive in my concepts, but I can get lost due to inexperience