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Short bubble gig


I want to create this simple database table out of the API data I fetch from a sports API provide. The price I am willing to offer for this task would be $15-20. Do you think this is something that might interest you? If yes, I would appreciate if you contacted me via message here in bubble.

thank you

Wouldn’t an api call be about as slow? Are you doing a lot of complicated calculations on a :poop:load of data?

Seems like it should render fairly quickly based on your screenshot.

Loads within a half second on my phone.


hmm I do not actually know whether what I am asking makes sense (I am still a rookie at this things), but I just thought I could try and put the data in the database first instead of calling directly from the frontend.

and no, I am not doing calculations, just trying to fetch simple data (player’s name, minutes played, goals scored, etc.) straight from the API, with no manipulation. actually, at me it takes around 10 seconds to load; maybe it is my internet speed after all

Check it out man. It still be about as fast to do the api call as to do a dB call. Close.

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3 seconds I load in the video above. I’m driving thru the Appalachian mountains and the internet isn’t great even when I have full signal.

It may load faster from the dB but you’ll use unneeded resources. I’d use a loading icon to covered until the RG renders. You’ll do fine!

Maybe include random sports quotes as a thing for the user to read while the RG loads.

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:slight_smile: thanks, Jared appreciate it. yeah, I was also doubting whether what I was asking actually made sense practically. I better concentrate on more relevant stuff.

oh, and have a nice trip!

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It could make sense depending on the use case but I think you’ll be fine. Especially if the RG isn’t the only thing on the screen. Give your user something to read or look at while the RG loads and you’ll be fine!