API Get Response JSON Object Issue

Hello All,

I am in the process of configuring an API and I am having an issue.

The API Get call returns a response with a hierarchy of:

Response > Bank Account > Bank Account ID > Bank Account Details

The problem I am facing is that the Bank Account ID is different with each API call I make and Bubble save the path to the details inclusive of the unique ID returned when initializing the API.

The highlighted ID # is different with each call, so when I try to run the API it returns no results because the path is incorrect.

How do I fix this?

Hey I am doing a similar thing. When you initialise the API call it essentially runs it so you have to have something there to start. But after you have done that you can pass it variables you need. Have you turned the parameter private off or changed the “Used as” option to action?

Thanks for your response.

So yes, I have the same setting as you do.

What I should have said is that I have a button that calls the API for a specific record and it saves those results to a thing. However since the path is incorrect because of the ID issue it is is saving blank entries.