API joint table

I am currently developing a web application with Bubble and I am using an API connection to send data to ADALO (we are creating a mobile application as a front-end service).
I have a problem getting all the information using two different tables (for example: users table and orders table). This is because I only get a random user ID number but I need to know which user placed an order). Do you have any idea how to use a join query with the Bubble API?

Depends how you’re going about it, there are different ideas you could use.

  • I solved a problem recently using a JSON (link to post).
  • Look further down that thread to @gf_wolfer 's reply where he recommends to use :format as texton a list. That could also be a solution.
  • Another idea, why can you not “reverse” the equation? Why can’t Adalo pull the information instead of Bubble pushing it?
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