2 datatypes in a repeating group with connected key

Hey there!
Is it possible in bubble to get data off of two different tables for a repeating group when both tables are connected with a key value?
I get data from an api which includes the unique user id but nothing else from my user.
Now I want to display data from the api + data from my user in that repeating group. Is this somehow possible to achieve since my api has the unique user id?

Thanks in advance for answers!

This is possible, but I don’t think you need to “merge” both table.
I think what you need is to have RG set on the API, and use Do a search for user in the RG cells to get the related user data

Hey @Jici
Thats exactly what I tried but it doesent seem to work. The do a search will also return a list which shouldnt be a problem since it always only should contain one item so i did “Do a search for user first items name” but still it wont show anything :confused:

Do a search:first item is the correct way
Be sure privacy rules doesn’t block what you get. Also, inspect your search to be sure you are using the correct informations.

checked privacy rules and also the entries in the databases. They are the same but still nothing shows. I think it doesent work like that with bubble sadly

If you can share your app editor in public view mode, it could help.

I found this thread SQL Joins Vs Bubble from @NigelG . I think this is what I need. But he is doing it with text datatype and not thing datatype. Im not sure if it is possible for my case with data from an api and data from my user table from bubble :frowning:

I don’t think this is what you need, and more, you don’t need SQL involved. This is a different thread for a different case.