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API não aparece no editor Bubble, mesmo iniciada

Criei uma aplicação e preciso integrar com uma API externa, eu consigo consumir os dados, mas preciso inserir um body type Form-data.


When the call is set to data, you can only use Get Data from API in data source. You need to switch to action type to see it in actions list. But this will remove it from get data from API

Certo, desculpa, sou novo na ferramenta, não entendo como faria isso. Consegue me mostrar com um print ?

Change “Use as” dropdown to “action” instead of “Data” (Look at your first screenshot, on top line, in the middle)

Yes this dropdown. Switch to ACTION. This will appear in the plugins actions list

@Jici I know :rofl:
Just trying to help you out here

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Thank you very much for your help, my question has been resolved. Gratitude :heart: