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API newbie question

I would like to interact with the eBay API, but havent got a clue where to start on Bubble (I’m not a programmer as such). I have an eBay developers account, and I have done a bit with th eBay API & PHP, just basic stuff like listing orders.

Please can someone point me in th edirection of where to start in bubble, Thanks Steve

You need to install the ‘API Connector’ plugin on your app first.

Then you can authenticate and make your calls from within the API Connector.

I have installed the API connector, I think I have the right authentication OAuth2. At the bottom of the configuration it says

"You haven’t tested this API in run mode and authenticated with eBay yet. You need to do this first to setup calls and to test the URLs and keys.

To do this, setup a login workflow, run your app in run mode (with debug_mode=true in the URL) and authenticate with the service. Once done, your access token will be used to initate the API calls and the API will be marked as valid."

My question here is what is a “login workflow”, I have looked through the workflow section and cannot really find anything