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API not working on editor


I tested my API on postman and it works but its not working on bubble editor. Attached screenshot.

Can some one help me?

Try http:// or https:// in front of the ip address.
Also make sure the server is accessible by the internet, rather than just from your computer local network.

@mishav http is the issue. Its working now :slight_smile:

One more doubt. If i need to refresh the text widget what should i do. Tried to Run always-> Set State -> Show Text Box. Its not working for me. Is that correct?

Congratulations, you’ve found one of the undocumented “features” of the API connector GET call … if the parameters are unchanged, the previous call’s results are used instead of making a new call.

So to ensure a refresh, add a parameter or header that the API doesn’t care about, and stick a new value in there each time.

: )

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