API on a list is missing items

Hi All

after some help around backend workflows.

I have a list of questions (180), the user clicks start new form and it basically creates a new thing for each question.

We did 3 field tests yesterday and 2 of the tests were fine and it created the 180 questions, however on the last one it only did 178.

Anyone experienced this? or any suggestions on running another workflow after it is run to add any “missing” things?


Workflows are not guaranteed to finish and can fail silently. This has been a popular discussion of late. Please read related posts and craft additional workflow logic accordingly: Prevent BackEnd Workflow from Breaking

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Bubble has basically admitted in another post + help page that it’s not reliable for things over 100ish. Everyone recommends doing a recursive workflow where you send a list to the API, have it do something to the first item, then scheduling itself with the same list:minus first item. There would also be a condition to only run when the list’s count is > 0

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