Can't figure out an intermittent bug

This is my workflow (triggered on a button click):

  • runs a recursive API workflow that creates a list of Things
  • front end queries database for new Things and displays them

90% of the time, the front end displays the new Things correctly.
But 10% of the time, nothing appears - even though when I check the DB later the Things are there.

Not sure what’s happening here. I suspect the API workflow is taking too long, so the front end doesn’t update in time, and somehow “forgot” to update even after the Things were created.

It’s difficult for me to debug too, as this doesn’t always occur and the workflow is quite long.

Any idea what I should do? I’m getting refunds because of this…

Just to confirm my understanding:

  • API workflows cannot have a return value
  • we can’t know WHEN an API workflow finishes
  • the only way to create a list of Things is via an API workflow

So many limitations which make me wonder if Bubble is actually a serious tool.

P.S. I realized when nothing appears, a General Error is thrown. I’ve filed a bug report but I’m not hopeful that Bubble will look into it. Would appreciate any better, more fail-safe ways of doing the above.

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