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API: send uploaded csv file to my code on other server?

Hi there. I want to use Bubble mainly for as much UI as possible. However, I think some things are very hard to do, so I was thinking of doing these options:

  • is there a way I can use the file uploader UI in Bubble to send the file (most likely CSV) to my code elsewhere? API connector to an API I write?

  • alternatively, I can write my own upload UI and process the file, but how do I link this UI and backend processing to my Bubble app (which would contain the rest of my app)?

  • is there a third option of upload from Bubble to S3, somehow trigger my API to take that file from S3 to do the next step and pass back information to my Bubble app?

I don’t really want to write everything outside Bubble. I want to figure out how to use as much Bubble as possible since it’s easy and time-saving! If there’s some way I can mix and match Bubble UI with limited UI I have to write on my own, that’d be ideal.