Bubble.io AWS S3 Integration (File Read into Bubble and Upload back to AWS S3)

Hello, I am wondering if there is a way (or plugin) to read files from an AWS S3 Bucket into Bubble.io application and then write/upload files back from Bubble.io into AWS S3 Bucket. My application is reading and writing data.

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Yes 🛠 ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ AWS S3 Dropzone & SQS Utilities (Image Resizing & Compression, MultiUploader, Folder Support, No Filesize Limit & Automated AWS Environment Setup!)

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I am not seeing where you can read from AWS S3 into bubble ??

What exactly do you mean “read”?

Essentially loading a file into bubble from AWS S3, and having that file as a visual element in the UI (like an icon). To then access the data contents of that file within bubble for data processing/manioulation (changing column names, etctera). My main question is importing from s3 into bubble

generally speaking the norm is display data in bubble from an external file via an API including manipulate via an API too. You mention columns so let’s suppose they are excel files for example. you can upload to an external hoster supporting API file manipulation. displaying the right mime type for the icon is simple based on the uploaded file type. I would recommend to get the best support from the bubble forum… give more information,

You would have some database item “File” so you just show Files on screen with the icon you want. No need for Bubble storage in that case. Then when they click it views the URL in another tab or downloads it.

But it sounds like you want to edit columns of a excel file though? Not sure how you would do that, regardless of how you are storing the files.

Thanks for that explanation. So basically using an API connector to use a get request on let’s say a “CSV” file, right? Would the API response show the actual CSV data? Because bubble mentions the api connector supporting json based restful web APis but what happens if the data is stored in different format.

If the API responds with a file it’s just going to save the file in your Bubble storage.

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Are you saying operations such as renaming column names, replacing null values in data, joining datasets to others, etctera isn’t possible in bubble?

I mean maybe a plugin could do it, but what you’re describing is like a little Excel in the browser. Unless you did some data-gymnastics (:joy: ) where you converted the whole CSV contents to items/fields in your database then edited everything with input boxes and autobinding then reconstructed it with another plugin…

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Essentially yes but excel cannot connect to cloud platforms :grinning: but got it so essentially a bubble plugin could essentially do the data manipulation

Yea if something like that exists :sweat_smile:

The data-gymnastics I mentioned may work but you’d be:
Receiving file → Upload CSV data action → Modify the whole list and add some kind of “Session” datatype so all of these are tied to a specific Session you are working on → Display all the things on screen with repeating group with input boxes autobinding to each field → Some step where you replace null values with something else → Once modifications are done reconstruct the CSV with a plugin from the database