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API setup with ZOHO creator

Does anyone has experience with setting up the API Plugin with ZOHO creator? I managed to to a test in Postman, but I don’t manage to get it work in Bubble.

Zoho works with an oauth authentication. I run in more troubles. The redirect URL gives the following anwer {“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Missing state from oauth provider”}}
I use

Hopefully anyone can assist me.

Hope you were able to solve this. Anyway, here’s a guide for any future readers.

I’ve had the same problem for a couple days, but finally managed to set up the Zoho Creator API. A couple posts have been really helpful, so I’ll include them in the end, for further reference.

First, register your bubble app in Zoho’s API Console. Here a doc on how to do that. It’s quite simple. Remeber to update the zoho API redirect URLs with the generic one showed in the API connector (in green).

Second, set up the API Connector. Should look like these.

Regardless of the resources you might want to access in zoho, you should always include
the aaaserver.profile.READ scope. If you don’t, bubble won’t be able to access the User Profile endpoint (which is actually the error I’ve read many stumble around).

Third, in the editor, set up a flow to authenticate with the service.
Use the Login with social network action under the account section.

Select the API you just created in the connector.

Fourth, you trigger the workflow by clicking the element or activating whatever event you associated to the sign in action. The authorization window will show. Click accept.

At least the scope of the accounts should be visible. Remember that without this, the API connector won’t work.

Fifth. If everything is right, you’ll get this altert when redirected back to your app.

Finally, the warning for Unauthentication should be gone and you should be able to add your calls as regular.

More information:

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