Troubles with OAuth 2.0 setup

hey guys,

I’m setting up an API connection with Zoho CRM, and I’m having some trouble. I can make it work using Postman or cURL, but when I try to connect with Bubble API Connector I receive the response below:

“Status code 401
{“code”:“INVALID_TOKEN”,“details”:{},“message”:“invalid oauth token”,“status”:“error”}”

I checked thousands of times the client ID and the client secret, but it didn’t work. I also watched the Bubble Webinar teaching how to set up OAuth 2.0 Authentications with Bubble, and I followed all the instructions. Could anyone help me?

Zoho API

@marco3 are you having trouble logging the user in? Or initializing the GET call?

Imo you need to include the Authorization header along with your token in the API call. That’s why you’re getting the « invalid token » error