Zoho Subscriptions API Connector Authentication Help


I am trying to get the authentication setup for my zoho subscriptions and I was wondering if anyone has set this up previously and has an example to go off of. I am going through the api documentation found at the link below but I am still new to this and any difference in terminology from Zoho to Bubble has led to some confusion.


I am extremely new to using apis. I have been working within bubble for the past couple years but have not used any api calls outside of plugins already available.

Also, I am just expecting to fill out the fields correctly and it should work but this api documentation reads like I need to do some calls, etc. to get it set up so I fear that I am mistaken. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am exceptionally lost at the moment.

Below is a quick shot of what I have in api connector at the moment:


Post is kind of old but just checking to see if you ever got this going on

have the same question :slight_smile: