Issue with API headers

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with the authentication of the API (documentation) to make my API call work.

They are asking for two headers which I don’t know how to get.

Below is a screenshot of my API call as it is now.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

You need a plugin to be able to generate the signature each time you do a call. I think there’s already something on plugin market for md5 hash. You use apikey.timestamp
For timestamp, use current date:format as unix

Thanks for the quick response!

Still having trouble with the md5 hash. I just downloaded an md5 plugin which added an MD5 action with only one text box (see below).
How do I do an md5 hash of two values (API key and timestamp) ?

Exactly like I said. Put your key, add dot and use add dynamic value current datetime:format as

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I’m thinking and you shoud put the timestamp into a state or field and reuse it in your call. You need to have both match exactly

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Did all you said and it should work fine but I now get this error.
I tried with two different API keys.

Did you set the current date time unix in a state and encoded the key.state? also, use the state unix timestamp for the API request time header?

Yes, I’m using a plugin to get the unix timestamp in seconds (because Bubble gives it in milliseconds) and taking the result to set a ‘timestamp’ state. For the API headers, I’m copy/pasting the ‘timestamp’ state and the encoded key.state

Here’s a screen of my workflow.