API tests out, but returns nothing when used


I made a set of function that are API calls to explorer endpoints. It mostly works except one of them. “BlockInfo” work when I test it as an API call, but when I go use it, the fields all return empty. So, in pictures:

  1. I set up the API connector and I test it. and I see that the values I want are showing up.

  2. I set up a call

I am calling BlockInfo with the input that it needs (a hash). I can see the hash is found in a previous step and is correct. But when I send it to this function, I get a set of empty fields

Thats the correct API Provider. THe correct value for “Blockhash”, but nothing comes back.


I have tried so many things. The API call works, but not when it is called from my app. At this point I feel like its a bubble bug.

Someone else point this topic. I was looking at your screenshot and see that you have set type text to tx but this is not a text. This is an array of text.

correct, it comes back as a list of texts. but as I recal, the drop downs on the right doesnt have “list of texts” as a possibility. So you are saying that I didn’t reference the first item of a list?

This now owrks but I think I went a totally different way about it to get what I needed. I can’t remember anymore

I’M not sure that if you set it to “text”, Bubble will reference the first thing on the list. He will just not be able to read the data because this is an array.