Help with API Get Function

Hello, I am trying to use a GET API call and then display the returns of that call on the frontend of my app.

I’ve looked at some tutorials but I can’t seem to get it working, so hoping someone might know what I’m doing wrong.

Here is the API:

Then when I go to make the parent group’s content type the API, I get this error where I suspect is the issue:

I use the suggestion, then make a text filed with this dynamic data:

Then finally, in the app, the text feild shows nothing:

It doesn’t seem any problem with the API once you got the data.

Check private rules if there’s any or the group’s above the text. In the debug mode click on the right side on the Parent group and check if it’s getting the data and do the same with " 's Tax Sale…"

If you couldn’t find the error pls provide the editor link on “everyone can view” to take a look.

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I don’t know if I saw exactly what you’re talking about. Here is the link to the app though: AdvisorCalcTesting | Bubble Editor

If you click on the right side in debugger on the Blue text "Parent group’s tax safe harbor (don’t click at the end of text output 1), you will see everything that API Get. You will see that the text output 1 is empty but not output 2

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Thank y’all for the help!

I found that the issue was bubble didn’t want to pull in the numbers from the API that were formatted as currency, having them be just a number format pulls them through.