API to return IP address returns bubble server address

so I’m making a GET call to an APIfrom ipify which simply returns ip address. When I try displaying it in a text field, it seems to always output the ip address of bubble’s server (somewhere in Portland). How would I get it to return the user’s ip address and not bubble’s???

Api calls are made from the back-end (Server) which is why your getting a IP address from Portland (Amazon AWS). You need to make a API call from the client-side (Browser) to get the users IP address.

You would need to use the Toolbox Utility plugin to “Run Javascript” as a workflow after the page loads.

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Can you give me insight on this?

Is this like similar to the HTML box, but instead lets you run JavaScript? So like run my API Call from the JavaScipt Box instead of the usual API Plugin stuff?

Yes the plugin will allow you to run javascript code after the page loads and then you can use the response you get back as a value inside bubble. This will require basic skills of javascript and making a api call using it.

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