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API Triggers Workflow to Write to Database

  1. I have an API through the Connector that collects Webinar data from an external application. The connector works fine and recovers the JSON data.
  2. I want to write that data to the database which requires the API to kick off a workflow when new data comes in. This is typically done with a webhook.
  3. I created a backend workflow Custom Event called update-event-data and added the parameters for the data being brought into the application.
  4. I created a webhook in Connector and added the api endpoint url with update-event-data in the url followed by /initialize
  5. I tested the “webhook” Connector and got 404 errors.
  6. I removed the “initialize” at the end of the endpoint and got 404 errors
  7. I tried adding another API workflow on a list and when I tried to select the Webinar API it ran me in circles on what list data I want.

Been staring at this for about 4 weeks now. Have reviewed half a dozen articles in the forum but many are more than 4 years old so the Bubble app looks and behaves differently.


Set up an API workflow in the backend that creates the thing you want

Set up your webinar platform to send a POST to your Bubble API workflow (… or in other words … your Bubble endpoint)

Assuming the webhook is triggering your API backend workflow …

A. Remove the first workflow step, it is trying to have the workflow call itself, not useful at this stage.

B. The second step needs the values passed into the endpoint, these are available in the dynamic expression as parameters, defined in the endpoint either manually or automatically from actual data.

If your endpoint is unsecured, you shouldn’t trust that the webhook data came from the expected source, so your approach of using it as a reference to lookup the actual data is a good approach.