API Connector doesn´t get the data


I have an api connector to an external service. I have to pass an URL parameter to this call. When i call it from a workflow flow, if i past the parameter , all works perfect. I can parse the data and save in a new thing using a backend workflow. But if i get this URL parameter from antoher call, as a dynamic paramater, it doesn´t work. Not parse the data. Everything is empty.

What could be the reason of that.


How are you doing it?! Could you share images so we can take a closer look?

First of all i am new in Bubble.

After 3-4 hour of investigation i have found a way to work properly:

i have a Fileuploader button ( i upload a photo and when the fileuploader value change i fire a workflow to set a custom state, and save in current user thing a value from a api call.

here is the question: if i add a second api call ( action api call ) and a backend workflow , it doesn´t work but if i add a workflow in a second button to set the custom state and create a new workflow ( do … when ) when custom state change , it works.

Is it not possible to do in one way step?

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