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API URL Paramater


How can I use a parameter on a text box? Textbox A - I have a API URL call that requires some form of data input before running to filter the results and enter the data into textbox B,[partnum])?$select=PartDescription

The data from the API using the parameter will generate the specific part description e.g Top Housing Car Door based on the part number entered in the initial call.

If run the call generically through a workflow it will generate over 50k part descriptions which I don’t know how to sort based on the value in Textbox A


I do not know how to assign the parameter to textbox A and use it in the call… Anyone able to help me? I can then store that data in a custom state and use in textbox b

My parameter is [partnum]

I’m very new to Bubble but it’s great! I have one other small issue. The input fields are in the design view but when I press preview the boxes below the top box move to the right slightly not following the alignment in the design view.

Kind regards,

Anyone able to help with this one?

Guess this one is not possible with bubble…

Hey @aaron.gulley :wave:

Maybe try adding a video explaining the issue. I am struggling with understanding the issue. Maybe take a screenshot of the workflow too. That might help a bit.

Hope we can help soon. :blush: