API workflow can't handle add list of things to another thing?

I’m trying to do the following and I’m using an API workflow because it takes a lot of time to create these things:

On a page with input and a button, after click:

create Thing Inventory > create Thing Item (number 1, inventory = result of step 1) > Create Thing item (number 2, inventory = result of step 1) - etc. > Make changes to thing (result of step 1) Items add list (do a search for Items with Inventory is step 1)

This works when not using the API workflow but it doesnt work when I do it through the API workflow. Is this a limitation?
If this doesnt work with the API workflow I need to add all entries manually or handle it outside the API.

Important bonus question: when adding the items, I want to automatically number each new item so I do a search for items’number last item and then add +1. For some reason, this doesn’t work in the sequence but using the debugger I cannot figure out why?

I added everything to the forum app:

Editor: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=v56-map&id=forumapp3&tab=tabs-1

preview: https://forumapp3.bubbleapps.io/version-test/v56-map?debug_mode=true

When you say add list doesn’t work, I assume you mean the list does not get added to the database field after the workflow runs? If so then I was having a similar problem with add list and set list just this evening, and I was going to raise it here.

In the end, I switched from ‘Create a new thing’, to ‘Make changes to thing’, with “Create if thing doesn’t exist” checked, and strangely enough add list worked then.

I think the add/set list feature may be a little buggy. It may be worth raising a bug report, if you can clearly show a reproducible issue. I haven’t tried yet to reproduce it consistently myself.

Funny you say this because I just opened another topic with two issues of which one is almost the same. I am able to do it now in my own app, but cannot reproduce in the forum app. Good to hear I’m not going insane just yet ;). Although it is very likely that it is something im doing wrong…