Is there a way to debug backend workflows?


I am trying to debug my backend workflow but not really finding where to or even in the logs it is not giving me information that is useful to me for debugging…

I am trying to send an API call within a backend workflow and trying to debug it because this api call isnt being sent but cant figure out how to debug this?

Debugger works great for things on the page, but backend workflows arent existing on the page of my app, they just happen in the backend so debugger is kinda useless for this.


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Look at logs and ensure you have API logs checked to view or have it create test data types.

Also if it’s your API check the box that allows it to continue even with error. Then have it save the error in an error data type.

Where can I find this ?

I have all these checked; yet none are showing an error for the API call like it would under debugger for example

In the API connector I believe on the API settings.

If not there ^ then it’s in the plug-in builder api call settings. You can recreate your API call there. I can’t remember if it’s in both or exclusive to one.

There’s docs on it.

This will allow you to create a create new thing action after the error and save the error output from the API response.

You can also check dev logs of the api provider you’re hitting if they provide logs.


I enabled those and set the debug thing in data to record the response:

Yet still nothing is being recorded for debug in data? Even the call didnt go through, there would still be some error response… and even that isnt being recorded.

No idea why though

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