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Debug POST API workflows


How do I debug a POST API endpoint workflow? Every now and then, my workflow apparently just stops in the middle of execution, but I cannot figure out what goes wrong. And I found that the “server logs” part does not show errors. So how do you do it?

And a follow-up question: how do you monitor if something goes wrong during production. I can’t find a way to retrieve errors here…

Thanks for your help!

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Unfortunately, the concept of “error” almost doesn’t exist with the API Connector or with your API.
It’s something missing a lot.

And of you don’t set a trigger When an error occurs (on your pages only), errors/bugs won’t be saved automatically so you ll never know about them…

“Server logs” is mentioned as one additional feature in the Team Bubble and up plan. I am guessing this might be what you’re referring to? I’ve not seem them myself so I can’t say if the API errors would end up there.

Server logs only show the run workflows. They can’t be use for error tracking

Yes, this is also the impression I had. Just to make sure: the trigger for errors can only be set on pages, right? It would be nice to have that for the API Workflows as well.

Yes good idea. I’d agree. Perhaps there should be a debug mode toggle that shows more detailed API information. This would come in handy as I’m occasionally experiencing calls working in Postman and not Bubble.

I am having the exact same problem.

I execute an api workflow on a list and it completes the action on about 20-30 entries and then stops.

I too have wondered about error logs on the api as I monitor the logs.

In one case my workflow count was increasing about the same rate as an api call but no data was changing and no logs were being entered anymore.

Just a follow-up for future readers of this thread. The server logs have greatly been improved: [New Feature] Improvements to logs (showing errors and events)

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