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Scheduled Workflows on Single Records

Hi All,

I’ve started playing around with scheduled workflows via the API. I have it operational but am running in to some issues when trying to apply it to individual records.

This is for my app which is about 70% done

In my app, I have an object type called “buyoffer”. One of the fields is expiration date. When the expiration date arrives, I’d like the “status field” to change from “Open” to Expired. As of now, the only way I’ve been able to do that is this:

I have it run this at the same time of the offer expiration date as a workaround. It has worked so far but it seems like I should be able to apply this API just to the record I am trying to apply it to in the workflow;

If I change the future workflow to search:first item instead will it know I am referring to the record created in this workflow?

The other challenge I am facing is sending an email on the scheduled workflow. I’d need emails to go to multiple user fields in the “buyoffer” record type when the scheduled API runs. Something like “current buyoffer’s seller’s email address”. My only real choices now are “Current User” which seems to go to whoever the current user was when the original workflow ran, or “Do a Search For:”

Any help would be appreciated!

Rather than do the “make Changes to a list of things” you want to make a change to a thing.

You pass in the thing you want to change as a parameter.

So on your API you define a parameter (it can be a thing, like activity here).

Then when you schedule the workflow you pass in the thing you want to change.

If you are passing in a thing, then you will have access to all the data, so you can send the email.


Thanks Nigel-

So I need to add keys as parameters? That must be what I’m missing. I’ll give it a try!



You are the man, Nigel! Thanks!

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