API workflows too slow


We are experiencing slow response from API workflows for android app built with Dropsource. An endpoint that was taking 6 seconds now is taking 14 seconds. Definitely something is not ok.

If you think there’s a bug here, I highly suggest filing a bug report at bubble.is/bug_report

Noted, I will file a bug report

Fourteen seconds feels like a long time when it was previously only six. Are you running operations on a list? Could it be that the list is just getting longer?

I am querying Bubble for data using a Return Data from API workflow. It involves some search. The data is not as much yet, just some test data.

Actually I have just tested it again from Dropsource Editor and this time and I got a response after 16 seconds. However, after testing the same endpoint with Swagger Editor its taking 5 seconds. I will talk to Dropsource to see where we could be having a issue before filing a bug report.

@andrewgassen So I posted the question on the side of Dropsource, you can see some of the feedback I got here

A test of the API with postman gave me 5 seconds just like the results I got from Swagger Editor.

So my question goes to those who have some experience with API programming as well as dropsource users like @seanhoots. What should a call duration I get from postman tell me about what to expect on a real device? Should an API call duration on real device be 10% longer, 30% or more than 100% longer like in above case?