App connector data problem

I connected two of my bubble apps with the bubble app connector, but I received an empty response when I try to access a specific thing. I try to access other things and it works so the connection between the two apps is established.

I checked the privacy rule and it’s publicly visible, the thing is checked in the API settings and the data base is not empty.

I don’t know what to do next…

Are both apps on paid plans ? (Bubble made a recent change on backend functionality for paid only)

Yes, they are both on personal plan :confused:

I recently heard about this service. Have not used it yet. In conjunction with Postman it could be used to troubleshoot api calls. Any thoughts @Jici ?

I don’t use it but I know it. Just doesn’t have a case for that. Pipedream is also behind the requestbin.

But actually, this is not an API Connector problem but an App Connector. It’s not totally the same thing.

I think you should inspect browser console and also Bubble Logs and see if there’s an error.
Be sure that the key is valid, and on the app you are trying to connect, there’s no privacy setting that prevent you access to data. Also, be sure that in API Section, the thing you are trying to connect is checked in DATA api. In APP Connector, also refresh metadata and check if the type is correctly selected.

If everything is fine, You should send a support ticket to Bubble

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Thanks a lot for your solution. The problem was cause be the special caracther “é” in french. Bubble didn’t reconise the name of the things because of that. :grin:

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Thanks @Jici Jean Claude!

This walkthrough list to clean up an api connection problem has been bookmarked! :grinning:

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Je n’utilise jamais les accents pour ce qui est des noms de DB ou de champ. C’est une bonne chose à savoir cependant ;).

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Je viens d’avoir un Bug qui semble faire suite à un release ce matin. Les ’ (et possiblement autres caractères spéciaux) posent un problème dans les searchbox aussi

Ouais je pense qu’on devrait essayer de ne pas les utiliser le plus souvent possible :confused: