[App connector] Please help me find the best solution to connect two apps / db's

I’d like to ask your help in deciding the best solution for my app(s).

Main app with a lot of features for internal users that has a dashboard (and few other pages) designed for external users.
Two types of external users:
External users created by internal users
External users that self-register

Internal users create projects that can have an external user who needs to see the project’s progress and actively collaborate on the project.

External users can initiate the projects themselves, where an internal user steps in at some point to collaborate.

I want to separate the external from the internal environment but keep data connections intact.

What I did:
I copied my main app into a new app and setup the app connector. This resulted in hundreds of issues because I need to change the data source from local to the main app. This also results in situations where i cannot repair the connections because certain fields are not available (like main app user’s email, the ability to sort a list through a dynamic field, using the search with dynamic data or getting a list of Things to contain one Thing instead of a list, I contacted support about this)

I need the dashboard to play two roles: as an external portal for some external users to log in and engage with the project and as a standalone app for external users that self register and initiate the project(s).

I have been trying to change all data sources from local to main app’s data source, but I now believe that this will result in the app to be unable to function on its own, where users register and workflows are triggered creating and editing Things in the local DB.

I searched the forums for ‘database connector’ but almost always ended up in with the app connectoer even though the concepts seem to serve different needs.

I’m not sure I need to connect the apps here, I mainly just need to connect the DB and sync all data that is needed externally with the external app and vice versa, sync all data generated by the dashboard app with the main app so internal users can pick up the projects without ever having to login to the dashboard app (where they also don’t have any tools).

Is there a way to get what I need using just the app connector, perhaps on both instances? Or do I need to look at the SQL DB connector and put all that data on a third storage since I need the app to access and manipulate local as well as external stored data (all of the same types however).

And then I didn’t even start about the User object. No idea how this should work when there are users who log in using credentials created in the internal app as well as users who should be able to self-register…

Any help/pointers would be really appreciated!

I’m not sure I fully understand your use case, but why not contain them all in one app with separate pages with visibility based on permissions for each user level? Then at least you shouldn’t run into the User issues since they’d all be contained within the same database.

Thanks! I already have this working. But our internal app and the dashboard part is growing apart so it makes sense to separate. At this point I’m indeed leaning towards keeping it together seeing al the issues but I’m waiting for Bubble to reply to my support ticket to see how feasible it is.

They are becoming two separate apps more and more so thats why I’d like to separate :slight_smile:

Did you get this figured out Vincent? I am in need of the similar design share database.

I have been trying to work around this but @neerja and team at still looking into some issues that came up. There should be an API update soon that could help with this but everything is still in progress.

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Can you tell us more bout the limits you face please ? I’ve also been trying to do something like that but I gave up. What is about limites with API Endpoints that can’t access the connected app’s tables ?