Best way to share a DB with two apps?

Our main app is growing extremely large now, and we want to create a second app solely for admin purposes. We could make this part of the main app - but we also want to use this area for some experiments that we would later roll back into the main app. So, it WOULD work as just one app, but we’d prefer to have it completely separate.

To this end, I created a new app and will use the Data APIs to fetch data and run API workflows. Which is fine.

However, I’m just wondering if there is any more “integrated” way to do this in Bubble that I’m not aware of? In magical land, I imagine you could have two apps with exactly the same “data” areas (sharing the same db, any changes affect both), but different design/workflows. It seems unlikely that something this niche would exist, but I thought I’d ask!

To be sure, are you aware of / using the Bubble App Connector? Likely well suited for your use case.

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Thanks @dan1 - yeah, that’s what I’m going to use: but it seems like it’s really just a way to do arbitrary web requests - and in this case it’s requests to the other app’s API. So it’s going through the API layer (maybe I’m wrong about that?)

I was just wondering if there was any direct link possible.

But the API is fine! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Oh! I had only been looking at the API connector - I didn’t see the App Connector. Thanks, I’ll check that out now!

Glad you spotted that. :slight_smile:

Once you’ve had some time to explore, it’d likely be of help to the community if you report back with some tips and ideas. I think it’s a great feature, but hasn’t gotten much discussion on the forums. (As far as my memory goes…)


Hello, can you share how did you connect to apps with the API connector? I know you are now exploring Bubble app connector , but how did you connected the two apps before? did you pointed your aPI to the other bubble app url?

Hello dan,

5 years later i know but can you tell me if its posiible to create a native mobile app with bubble and connect it with the bubble app connector? Is it possible to save data in offline mode on the mobile app and the sync with the Database?