App design tactics and strategies for people who aren't designers

Hey guys!

I have some tips to share with you about design…

Did you know a good user experience design could increase your customer conversion rates by up to 400%.


By simply giving users a smooth, enjoyable, and easy experience when navigating your app, you could be dramatically increasing your conversions and sales.

I mean, 400% isn’t the kind of number you can ignore.

The thing is, most app developers aren’t also designers.

And…if you’re using a no-code platform like Bubble to build your app, not only do you probably not have a design background, but you might not even have a tech background.

So, you’re essentially tasking yourself with having to learn how to build software from scratch and having to understand the design principles to go along with it.

And that mountainous task? It includes multiple job titles; there are entire teams and professions dedicated to each particular piece of what you’re trying to do. They go to school to learn about design and spend years learning how to program.

…and here you are trying to do the whole thing on your own.

But…if there’s anything I’ve learned from our students and clients, it’s that they’re capable of some freakishly amazing things — like building, designing, launching, and growing successful startups and businesses in the tech world — usually alongside a full time job (and usually without a tech background).

My guess is, you’re the same.

If you’ve found yourself stumped on design along the way, though, I want to help you move forward.

Take a look at this in-depth article on design tactics and strategies for people who aren’t designers. It could help take your app to that next level you’re aiming for.


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