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Rapid Prototyping Using Bubble - Guest Post on Coding is For Losers

I was invited to talk about app building without the code for the Coding is For Losers blog. Here is a snippet of it-


Bubble is programming for the non-programmer.

It allows you to rapidly build and test an idea, by writing ‘code’ using a click-and-draw interface. This cuts a huge amount of time, and certainly much of the learning curve of programming. You can have an idea and within a day or so, also have an app – it’s magic.

Before finding Bubble, I was primarily a UX designer, so most of my work was based on just thinking through how users are going to interact with my design.

I tried various prototyping applications (Invison app, Marvel, and Framer.js) that make a design somewhat interactive, but found that they didn’t collect enough user data to make solid design decisions. I was left to designing by feel, and by luck.

I was lucky that my designs ended up working well in the hands of users, but eventually I knew this luck would run out. Bubble dramatically shortens the time to validate a design with real user data, since event tracking with comes built into every Bubble app (through integrations with Mixpanel, Segment and Google Analytics).

To get into a concrete example of what can be built with Bubble, let’s walk through a reading tracking app I built in roughly 6 hours of work.

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Thank you and I would love to hear your thoughts about it!


Awesome post !

I was only reading CIFL a few days ago (Via a search for something blockspringy) and now there is a Bubble post too. Good job :slight_smile:


Also published on Inside The Bubble

Thanks @emmanuel!

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