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Im trying to write a proper app documentation such as a handover documentation for a bubble app, are there any guidelines that i can follow, or if someone knows how, please help.

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Omar Fakieh

I think there are a few ways to do this:

  1. Create notes in your bubble app. The little :speech_balloon: at the top of elements and workflows.

  2. Create a book type of documentation like

  3. Create a video walkthrough/tutorial.

  4. Create a walkthrough like this or For your actual app.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks J805 for your reply, for creating a book type of documentation, are there any guidelines that i should follow?

From what i know we can have two types of documentation, user documentation and technical documentation, in the user documentation it will be how the website actually work and what are the pages that are included in it, for the technical however, im not sure what i should include, should i include all the workflow that has been done for each section for example., or how would i go about it?..

Thanks again,
Omar Fakieh

@omar2 It really depends what your ultimate goal is. Is this a template for sale? Do you need documentation for developers? What do the users of your application need to do? Would it be easier to just create a video or a step-by-step tour?

There are a lot of ways websites onboard new users. Here is a list of great onboarding examples:

I think you should ask your users, or potential users, what documentation they will want/need. Always best to get it straight from the source.

Anyways, that’s just my suggestion. :blush:

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