.app domain extension

Hello! I am thinking of purchasing a domain with the .app extension and according to google it requires an SSL certificate to be accessed. I know there is an option in bubble to always serve the site over SSL. I have yet to purchase a paid bubble plan for my app and was wondering if the SSL is something additional I have to pay for or if it is included.

Has anyone else used this extension before?

It’s included with a paid Bubble plan.

Thank you!

No problemo! I’m looking at a .app extension for one of my potential customers, so I’ve done a bit of digging on the topic myself. Seems pretty straightforward in Bubble, fortunately.

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I do have a Bubble app under .app domain. Works fine. No need for any additional purchase.

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+1 for .app. For a live example, LearnTo is a .app website.

After you’ve upgraded to a paid plan and connected your domain, navigate to the Settings > Domain tab > SSL encryption. Check the box.


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