App editor page crashes every time


For some weird reason, starting from 1 hour ago approximately, I simply can’t edit my app anymore. Everytime I try opening my app (on edit mode, the app itself is working fine), even if I don’t do anything, the page crashes after around 20 seconds. I’ve tried restarting my computer already, even tried different browsers and different computers, and the same thing always happens

Does anyone have any ideia of what may be the problem?!

This is basically the message I get on all browser in every computer I try

Thank you!

I’ve had the same issues and reported it as a bug to Bubble, you should do the same if you haven’t already. This may be part of the performance issues they referred to in their monthly update, but I can’t be sure.

For context, I’ve been building the same app on bubble for almost a year now and only recently had significant reliability issues with the editor and also previewing the app. For me, it only happens on my largest (in terms of workflows and elements) page, yet this page has been the same size for a while and never had any issues up until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions as to how to fix it (and I’ve tried just about everything). Good luck! :slight_smile:

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