My editor keeps crashing

Hi guys, my editor has been crashing alot these days everyday actually its slows down work a little, i wanted to know if there might be anything i can do to improve it


I had this problem back in the beginning when I started with Bubble and found it was related to my RAM usage. I found the following helped

  1. When I felt my computer slowing down I would close my browser totally and start again before it would crash. This cleared out the RAM and it would run faster for the next little while and I wouldn’t lose any work.
  2. Upgraded my computer for one with more RAM ( :man_facepalming:I get this is an expensive fix, but it helped a lot)

But ultimately, I found that the underlying cause was the app that I was working on wasn’t optimised very well and I was pulling down way too much data to my browser to handle. I had loads of really heavy workflows and loads of filtering of heavy repeating groups etc.

Once I went through and optimised all of that and found those leaky parts I’ve not had to do that since for that app or others I’ve built. I’ve only had that happen with client apps that have loads of issues like those mentioned above.

I’d really encourage you to spend a bit of time running your pages with the debug mode on and set the debugger to ‘Step by Step’ and look at all the things that run when your page loads, a button is pressed etc.

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 8.36.14 pm

Because I can guarantee you that many of your users are probably using a far less capable computer on a far less capable internet connection and if your app is killing your browser, it’s probably happening to them too (only sooner!)

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i suspected i have about 350 issues because am doing a lot of re-engineering of the first version of the app. thanks alot. ill notice how it behaves after i fix the issues.

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