Bubble down again?

Is anyone else experiencing issues with not being able to access their apps? I’m able to login to my account, but after selecting on an app to edit, it either never fully loads or times out. After the timeout, the ‘My Apps’ page times out too. Production apps are working fine, but cannot access any apps editor.

Do you still experience issues? Everything is working smoothly from my experience.

Yes. Last night and again this morning.

@mike_verbruggen Hi, yes still experiencing the issue. Intermittent now, and is now crashing in the middle of editing pages. Submitted a bug report to @Bubble .

newbie here. How often does bubble go down?

@jeffmccutcheon Hey there. I usually never have any problems. Perhaps @neerja could shed some light?

@Bubble @emmanuel @josh @neerja Is it possible to get a response? Day 2 of intermittent issues being able to access my apps/crashing. Can you please advise of the status, as this is extremely frustrating.

Can you show a link? My editor is working fine.

I tested it on different machines and internet connections. Sounds good until now. Page load 4 sec approx. How about your cpu ressource or Bubble capacity?

Hey @JohnMark Thanks for reachin out. It’s intermittent. I think that’s why it’s so frustrating. Midway of editing it will crash. Then be okay for a while, then crash again.

This kind of crash occurs if your system is somehow contaminated. Mac or PC? I used both btw :wink: Very often, Chrome will take so much ram that you have to kill the process and come back.

I don’t think so. Brand new PC. All system vitals are fine. Related to this:

This one have the same message, but it’s not your behavior (I think). The other bug is constant. Btw, brand new PC mean nothing if you got infected :wink:

Hmm. You might be right. Either way, frustrating. Seems bubble has been having issues this past week with multiple outages and bugs. If my PC was infected, it would affect more than just bubble.:yum:

Yes probably, but it’s sounds some kind of firewall defect… but lets continue to investigate. We are all using Bubble editor, it mean it’s local (imo). Some new update browser? Last option, have another computer to test (when is possible).

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Just tested on macbook pro, and windows laptop. Same result with intermittent crashing.

Sounds to be your internet provider. Can you test with your cell internet?

Already ahead of ya :wink: Used cell service (sprint) and same result including using the hotspot to give a go on the laptops.

Maybe you? :joy: change yourself :slight_smile: At that point, very strange. Unless many others complain with the same behavior.

Perhaps bubble is telling me to take a break from the bubble binge I’ve been on, LOL.