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App Embedded In 3rd Party Site - Log-In Cookie Issue

Hey Bubblers!

For a while now, we’ve been running Instabook’s pages primarily as stand-alone pages that are accessed via pop-out links. That said, our market and competition is increasingly moving toward what our business clients really want - embeddable schedules.

That’s not a huge issue for us from a design and functionality standpoint, with one exception: logging in and cookies. When we embed our application in a 3rd party site and our users try to log in, they’re seeing an error message at the page level indicating that the user’s browser seems to have cookies disabled.

Has anyone seen (and better yet, fixed) this issue before? If so, any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Brian,

Thanks for posting here! Cookies can be a bit difficult to work with given the current privacy regulations on the internet. I have a potential suggestion: have you tried enabling the “do not set cookies on new visitors by default” setting in the Settings → General section of your editor?

If this doesn’t work, it may also help submitting a bug report to our team to get better clarification on the issue or a fix. As always, feel free to reach out to us using [email protected] for general questions.

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