Capacity chart not making sense

Hi forums,

Not sure if this is a bug or not, I need help. I got an email last night saying my app hit capacity for a 111 minutes. However, my CPU usage never went past 14%. Furthermore, the “percentage of designated time period where maximum capacity was hit (as %)” shows that there was a peak of 72%. These charts are contradicting each other

What’s going on here? I am on the legacy professional plan

Furthermore, 9000 workflow runs for 300 people, according to how my page is setup, doesn’t make any sense…

@mikeloc any insight on this? I know legacy plans are not a priority right now, but I am just curious

I’d love to help, @jonah.deleseleuc, but you know I don’t work for Bubble, right? :slight_smile:

The above being said, there have a been a good number of folks who have reported capacity spikes (and who have also gotten the resulting email) in the past few weeks or so, and I am actually one of those folks (I got a capacity email for an app that hasn’t been used for years).

I brought this matter to Josh’s attention behind the scenes, and he wrote about it a bit in his monthly community update for June. Check out the first paragraph under Things on our minds.

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit, and it couldn’t hurt to reach out to Bubble support to have them take a look at your app and make sure there is nothing to actually be concerned about.


Thanks for the information. I know you don’t work for Bubble :slight_smile: sorry!

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These never happened before the new WU update.

Now they happen because the total infrastructure is under too much load. (Nothing to do with your app)

Again the question remains: how many people have been scared into updating to the new pricing because of these (completely false) emails!

Huh? What are you blabbing on about? Josh already explained why this happened in his recent post, which was just linked by @mikeloc

False. This happened before. However, this seem to happen more often actually.


Believe me - I’ll blabber about anything.

And yeah I believe you they’ve happened before. Just really started noticing them all recently. :heart:

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