App Forum : how to replicate the Bubble forum for my app?

Good morning Bubblers :coffee:

I have noticed that many related bubble apps are using the same forum website template as Bubble :

Is the forum made with wordpress or bubble ? Is it a template readily available ? Any idea how I can do the same for my app ?

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Hi there,

The zeroqode template is great for a completely custom version, or if you want the one Bubble uses it’s called Discourse, but is quite expensive:

Hope that helps?

Thanks for the link, it is exactly what I am looking for ! Discourse @ 100$/m is quite expensive indeed. Will look for a cheaper solution…

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Awesome! Yeah it’s a pricey one, but Bubble actually integrates with it in the Settings tab of the Bubble editor

You can self-host Discourse for free. From its web:

Good news! Discourse is, and will always be, 100% free and open source software. You may also want to self-host for reasons other than budget, including privacy or full control over the free software that you’ve installed. Here’s how you can install it yourself on your own server.

Alternatively, the community can install Discourse in the cloud for you for a flat one-time fee. Please note that a $5/month hosting fee is still payable to the cloud provider (Digital Ocean), and that this option is completely self-support after the initial install. Click here to purchase a self-supported community install.

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Just saw this in the API tab of settings for the first time

Once that is done, is there anything else that needs to be done in the application itself, like in the database or a page?

I’m not sure - never used it myself but I think it works just out of the box. There is a resource in the manual for it somewhere - search Discourse in the Bubble reference guide

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