App in iFrame can't read and write to database


I have a page in my app showing in an iFrame on a different site. However I can’t read or write to the database.

The odd thing is, when a workflow supposedly updates the data, the change is reflected in a text output of the database field, BUT the actual database field is NOT updated.

It’s as if there was a local database that’s being updated, only, not the actual database.

Running the same page in preview mode, the page shows the database values, and the workflow works correctly, updating the database, so the workflows are not the problem.

What’s going on?

Its a security protocol on iOS / Safari. Make sure both apps are running on the same domain.

Thanks, but it’s not Safari/iOS (I tested on this and it works). The iFrame is within an in-game panel in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Based on your answer, I acknowledge there may be a similar security issue, but other apps in iFrames work in the game. Do you think there’s something I can do?

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